Eagles parade 2018

I often thought I might never live to see the day the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl. But guess what? They did it. They really did it, guys and gals.

It’s still hard to believe. But reality might sink in a little more today. Because today is the day we’ve dreamed of for our entire lives: an Eagles Super Bowl parade on Broad Street. It’s really happening.

Back when the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series in 2008, it was reported that two million people came out for their championship parade. That number will likely pale in comparison to today’s attendance. The Phillies had won a title before, albeit in 1980. The Eagles’ last title win was in 1960. And that wasn’t a Super Bowl. And above all else, Philadelphia is a football town.

So there’s going to be more than two million people in Philadelphia for today’s parade. I’ve seen estimates of four to six million thrown around.

It’s going to be fantastic to celebrate with everyone. The players deserve this special moment. Eagles fans deserve this moment. Today, we show everyone that we are not the city of losers that people make us out to be.

The Lombardi Trophy will be on full display to remind everyone that we are the champions of the world.

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